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Register, get the book and complete our specially crafted pre-class homework sheets.

These are really the key to your success. It's also why we have a registration deadline four weeks before the class.
It's to allow you time to complete the homework and not come into the class cold.


Attend our interactive weekend class. In this class, we actually help you learn all the basics you need, including the secret of the universe.
We also cover all the possible test questions and their answers.


Take the test with confidence!




Our volunteer instructors have taught for many years. Most of these have been multi-week classes, usually one 2 ½ hour evening a week for ten weeks.

The problem with this model is that life often gets in the way and most people are not able to complete a ten-week course. The instructors found that the typical dropout rate for these courses is over 50%.

We, at Amateur Radio Group of Oregon, find this level of non-completion unacceptable.

Looking at current methods for test prep, we discovered that many potential hams try shortcuts to try to relieve some of the time required.

Youtube videos, memorization, and cram sessions are tempting but often are limited in the information that they can impart.

Memorization can be difficult when there are 428 possible questions in the Technician license question pool and cramming only prepares for the technical questions without focusing on the regulations and communication skills.

The 'Amateur Radio Group of Oregon' has developed a 1, 2, 3 boot camp solution to these problems. We have had great success with this system, close to 100% completion and license rate.


Our classes are taught at:

Chehalem Valley Innovation Accelerator

125 S Elliott Road

Newberg, Oregon 97132


When you register you will be sent a map of the location showing the correct entrance.


Class Book


For the homework and the class we use the latest version of the ARRL license manual.


The current books are:


Technician - “Ham Radio License Manual, Fourth Edition"

For use July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2026


General - “General Class License Manual, Ninth Edition”

For use July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2023


We recommend the spiral-bound editions. The books are available from Ham Radio Outlet, Amazon, and other booksellers.



The test for the Technician and General each have 35 multiple-choice questions. A passing score is 74%, 26 correct answers. These are closed book, no cell phone, tests. You can bring a calculator if you wish, but again, no cell phones.


Our testing team, “Team ARGO” is listed under the Laurel VEC organization. For this testing there are no fees charged. Often you will have your new or upgraded license the next business day after the test. 



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