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Amateur Radio Group of Oregon is committed to furthering the growth of Amateur Radio
by providing regular classes and assistance to anyone interested in becoming a HAM.

The Amateur Radio Group of Oregon is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Our volunteer instructors have been helping students get and upgrade their amateur radio licenses for many years.

We have developed a 1, 2, 3 boot camp learning system to help rocket the student to a ham operator.

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Who We Are

Mission Statement: To provide resource, education, training and mentoring in art, sciences, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio.

Amateur Radio Group of Oregon is registered in the state of Oregon as an educational, public benefit, charitable organization.

Our incorporation date is November 1, 2018. We are approved by the IRS to receive deductible donations.

We are not a club. We do not have memberships or dues. We do have a Board of Directors and very valuable volunteers. We have no paid employees.

Our expenses are covered by class fees and donations.

An important element of our mission statement is word RESOURCES.

Many people have spent a large portion of their lives learning and building amateur radio stations. The experience and knowledge gained over their lifetimes should not be lost but used rather as stepping blocks for the next generations.

Our long-term goal is to have our own location to build a resource center. The center will be a repository to collect, preserve, and demonstrate the knowledge of the experienced ham operator. The resource center will have classrooms and live hands-on demonstration radio stations, testing equipment, workshops, and room for experimental antenna systems.

Want to try a new antenna design, maybe learn how to solder? Do it at our resource center. Want to see and learn how to set up a repeater? How about trying Earth-Moon- Earth communications, or working satellites. Interested in emergency communications? Maybe you want to try some of the different types of digital communications? It will all be done at our resource center.

The center will be open to all amateur radio clubs, hams and other interested parties.

We help you Learn, so you can Grow in the hobby, and Connect to your community. Ham radio is much more than someone sitting in their basement playing with radios! We have found that involvement in amateur radio can lead to greater involvement in, and respect for, the community.

You can join a local ham radio club. These are great places to meet new people and make social connections. There are several ham radio oriented emergency services groups. Join one or more of them in your area and participate in their activities. You will soon have stronger connections to your friends, neighbors, community, country and the world!

When many amateurs get their license a common question is:

What do I do now?

We hope to be able to answer those questions.

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